Monday, August 17, 2009

plain silk's shawl..

plain shawl by de paris italia!
  • 50% viscosa + 50% silk
  • various color (juz tell me what color that u want if there's not in da pic above oke)
  • its different from the other plain shawl coz its moe soft(50% of silk)
  • i'm sure u'll luv it!
only rm15!!

po1 (available) (sold : xulee)
po2 (available) (sold : billah) (sold: aina) (sold:ct erah) (sold:c'ninie)
po3 (available)
po4 (available) (sold:ain)
po5 (available) (sold:tiqah)
po6 (available) (sold:aina) ( sold : c'ninie) (sold:tiqah)
po7 (available) (sold:dini)
po8(available) (sold:suraya)
po9 (available)
p10 (available) (sold : nad) (sold:tihah) ( sold:masyhi) (sold:suraya) (sold:c'ninie) (sold:billah)
p11 (available) (sold : huda)
p12 (available) (sold : masyhi)
p13 (available) (sold:ain)
p14 (available)
p15 (sold:nad) (sold:dada) (available)
p16 (available)
p18(available) (sold:c'lyna)
p19 (available)
p20 (available) (sold : xulee)
p21 (available) (sold:tihah)

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