Thursday, February 10, 2011

Florencha Shawl Polka.. (RM15 ONLY)

salam yuuolll!
today sha nk update new shawl..
hopefully yuu guys will love our latest shawl..
get one for yourself or ull regret.. ;)

florencha shawl polka (fsp) have variety of colors..
it comes into two layer of polkadot shawl..
there are many ways to wear this shawl..
ull look great when ure wear this shawla..

p/s : sila abaikan si model yg xbertauliah itu plus serabai gilas..

:: from the both views ::

material : serat nenas..
kaen die besh n sejowk bile dipakai..
tp die agak mengembang..
so u guys kena tarik to da full smpai die xmngembang..

we sell it only at RM15!!
grab it before it last!

fsp01 : available
fsp02 : available
fsp03 : all reserve
fsp04 : available
fsp05 : 4 available, 1 reserve
fsp06 : 4 available, 1 reserve
fsp07 : available
fsp08 : all reserve
fsp09 : all reserve

p/s : if u guys tetap nak design yg same spt di atas tp ianya sudah d reserve, u guys can oder jugak n send the form to me.. if mndapat sambutan, sha akan restock just for all of you.. ;))

thank you for shopping with us.. ;)