Tuesday, December 8, 2009

:: stripey shawl ::

erah wear stripey choc.. ;))

sso1 (green to yellow)
sold : namy

ss02(dark choc)

sold : erah
sold : masyhi

sso3 (grey)

sso4 (purple)
sold : namy

sso5 (red)

3 available
sold : sha

sso6(yellow choc)
sold : fajrina

ss07(orange + peach)
sold : c'sam
sold : lisa

sold : c'sam
sold : masyhi

sso9 (light choc)
sold : marinah

ss10 (dark green + turqoise)
sold : namy

ss11 (black)

sold : c'aisha

ss12 (orange)
sold : nadia


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

more of tudung ct!! (diamonds) (SOLD OUT)

ctd o1 (light orange)

ct do2 (blue)

ctd o3 (black)
(sold : ya)

ctd o4 (black-choc diamond)
(sold : lydia yanti)
(sold : c'suzie)

ctd o5 (purple)
(sold: c'lyna)

ctd o6 (peach)
(sold : huda)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

an exclusive 'tudung ct' for aidilfitri!!! (SOLD OUT)


(sold : c'suzie)

cto3 (peach)
(sold : aein)
(sold : suhaila)

cto4 (blue)
(sold : aein)

cto5 (light purple)
(sold : shidah)

cto6(dark purple)

cto7 (light orange)

cto8 (blueblack)

cto9 (whitecream)

(sold : shidah)
(sold : ain)

ct10 (turqoise)

ct11 (light yellow)

  • free delivery charge!!